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Team Development Services

SalesWorks provides integrated, white-labeled sales training, recruiting, and development services that span the entire commercial function and entirety of the team development lifecycle
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Sales Onboarding

Traditional onboarding tends to purely focus on industry, product, and processes. At SalesWorks, we recognise the importance of enabling teams early on with soft skills, too. We offer a range of services at this point in the life cycle, from open-enrollment classes to fully-managed ongoing programs that blend together a workshop-style live training, high-intensity sprint sessions, and group or call coaching, giving your new hires all the sales skills they need to be successful.

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Ongoing Sales Training and Development

SalesWorks works with companies to design and deliver bespoke sales training programs that address the development areas that exist in your organisation today. Our programmes are available for all roles within the commercial function, ranging from SDRs who are looking to improve prospecting skills, through to customer success who are looking to reduce client churn. Our training programmes are all run live and include experiential-style learning which we believe is the best way for individuals to apply learnings and change behaviors.

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SDR Recruiting

SalesWorks’s SDR recruiting and development program delivers fully-vetted, pre-trained, and production-ready sales development professionals directly to sales teams seamlessly. Our SDRs go through a rigorous selection and training process to ensure you get the best talent, at the best cost, to staff your team for success.

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Why Our Clients Love Us.

"Great for sales newbies, great refresher for the rest"

The course was very interactive. Throughout the training, we had access to two teachers that we could go to for help any time we needed. It wasn't just a lecture style; there were small group activities, role-play scenarios, and real applications to all the learning we did.

This is a great training program. If you're trying to set a standardized training process for new hires, I recommend SalesWorks. Even experienced employees will benefit from the practice.

Savannah R.
Account Executive

"Head of Customer Success"

SalesWorks helped our sales team and customer success team improve our foundational techniques to increase customer satisfaction and expand sales and renewals.

I love the custom and personalized approach. SalesWorks uses real issues with my current clients so that everything I am learning becomes immediately implementable.

Eleanor P.
Head of Customer Success

"SalesWorks Social Selling"

Saleworks is truly a game-changer in the sales training world. They use a collaborative approach that allows you to apply what you've learned in real-world situations. They ensure that everyone involved feels included and works at a pace conducive to the group. If you're considering an investment in sales training, SalesWorks should be at the very top of your list.

Manager/Operations in Management Consulting

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