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Sales Process Consulting

For businesses looking for an outside opinion from a demand generation consultant. SalesWorks consultants help executive leadership at B2B organisations gain the perspective they need to make important growth decisions by relying on data and proven experience.

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sales process focus area

Operational Processes

Operational processes refers to activities performed by employees to capture or communicate information while performing their functional responsibilities. Sending emails, holding meetings, presenting reports, initiating customer billing, and starting and ending the day are all high-friction processes that usually generate waste. SalesWorks identifies these friction points, explores their causes, and builds a plan to reduce friction in those areas.

Sales Process Focus Area

Demand Generation Strategy

Every company invests in marketing and sales, but the current way a company spends cash on sales and marketing may not be the optimal way they should be spending. Increased budgets can often increase volume, but increased conversion rates increase margin. SalesWorks takes an outcome-driven approach to sales and marketing planning to provide department leaders with an actionable roadmap for growth.

sales process focus area

Employee Development and Retention

An appropriately skilled team can mitigate risk in a number of areas: better expectation-setting with customers to ensure their delight, clearer internal communication to minimize errors, strong familiarity with software tools to capture the right information, more confidence in execution to deliver innovative and impactful results, and more. SalesWorks analyzes clients’ efforts to run their business as a learning organization and highlights missed opportunities for employee performance and satisfaction improvement.

Sales Process Focus Area

Organizational Alignment

Growth is not driven by sales alone. The combined efforts of every functional department — product, marketing, sales, fulfillment, success, etc. — need to be aware of the same goals to drive meaningful change at an organization. SalesWorks focuses on the org chart, how functional roles are defined, and how they're measured on performance to understand the current risks at the company, then helps develop an objective-key result (OKR) model that the company can use to ignite passions and get back on track.

Do you need a consultant? 

When professional service providers provide outsourcing services, the deliverable is transparent; marketing agencies design and run advertisements, or sales firms conduct remote inside sales activities.

With consulting, the product is not an asset or an activity, but knowledge and experience. Businesses of all sizes and lifetimes can benefit from new knowledge, depending on the circumstances.

The questions leaders ask when considering consulting services is often proactive or investigative: “What can we do better?” or “What is going wrong?”


The attention to detail Shabri and the team put in to the preparation of the bespoke training courses is fantastic. It gave my team a lot of confidence that SalesWorks had put in time and effort to really understand the team, their strengths and their areas of improvement. If you are looking to help your SDR or BDR teams make the step to the next level you'll be hard pushed to find a better partner than SalesWorks

Will Davidson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

SalesWorks has helped us double the size of the team by hiring quota-carrying reps, has reduced our onboarding time from 3 months to 3 weeks and driven performance improvements. They helped us with new processes and KPIs which has had a huge impact over the last 6 months.

Jonathan Jorgensen, Chief Sales Officer

With Shabri’s guidance, training and call coaching we were able to get our BDRs up to speed quickly and on the phone driving opportunities in less than 4 weeks’ time. We now have processes in place that will allow us to continue to grow and expand the team. I would highly recommend SalesWorks for any organization that is looking to start up an inside sales team or improve how they are currently operating.

Mike Barbour, VP of Sales

I attended a SalesWorks sales leadership workshop and I found the day to be extremely enlightening and interactive. It was great to share and learn with the group in an interactive environment. The workshop allowed me to identify key areas to increase motivation, productivity and efficiency gains which overall resulted in significant positive change.

Alex Ball, VP of Sales

Over the course of my career, I have used consultants for many projects with different degrees of success. What sets SalesWorks apart from others is their ability to quickly develop a collaborative relationship with the team and build a practical plan. The program they recommended will remain a part of our business long after the project completion.

Tom Ogburn, Chief Revenue Officer

A genuinely helpful workshop that enabled me to reflect on my current process and give my presentation skills a serious upgrade. I’d strongly recommend this workshop to any SDR that is serious about sharpening their skills. If you want to take your prospecting to the next level, receive valuable feedback on your current approach and hone your presentation skills then get involved!

Tom Boston, Sales Development Rep

When choosing the right training for your team – it’s key to consider the impact and influence on an individual’s development. I had a high performing rep who lacked confidence and ability to publicly communicate within a meeting. After attending the SalesWorks workshop, they were able to present at our sales kick-off and educate other sales people. This is priceless.

Louise Agostini, Managing Director

Since attending SalesWorks open workshops, my SDRs have sharpened their skills, improved morale, and increased performance for SQLs generated and funnel conversions. They have a better understanding of the sales process, and our team spirit is flourishing. As for myself, training with individuals in similar roles from different industries has been invaluable. I’d highly recommend SalesWorks for any SDR!

Felicitas Coulibaly, Head of Inside Sales

The SalesWorks team has that rare ability of being able to listen well and then deliver relevant, real-world practical advice based on their excellent knowledge of selling, that directly impacts the actions of your sales teams.

Ben Gaston, Sales Director

Sales Process Consulting FAQs

Q: What do I get when I work with a consultant? Is it just meetings? 

SalesWorks business process consultants do more than hold a recurring meeting with you. Depending on your objectives, they may need access to team members or software to review your company's performance and learn more about your operations. You can expect consultants to set the agenda for your meetings, rather than put the burden on you to guide the discussion. 

It's most common for consulting engagements to result in the delivery of a report, presentation, visual architecture, tutorial, or some combination of deliverables that help serve as a documented plan relevant to organization's top priorities. You can expect key deliverables to be identified in your statement of work prior to engaging in any consulting services. 

Q: Pricing — How much do consulting services cost? 

SalesWorks business process consulting engagements are priced based on an hourly rate per consultant, and are staffed based on the objectives you identify during your discovery interviews with SalesWorks.

A consultant's seniority and field expertise for a particular subject may alter the billable rate, but they tend to fall between £140.00-£240.00 / $200.00-$325.00 an hour. 

Depending on a client organization's needs and commitment, clients may purchase a fixed block of hours, or engage in ongoing consulting through a monthly retainer.

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