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Our BDR and SDR Recruiting offering was born as a result of our clients’ constant struggle to source good sales development talent to enroll into our training programs.
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Phase One

Design & Discovery

Once an NDA is signed, the SalesWorks team will begin immediately by holding a discovery session with your sales program stakeholders to uncover and assess job descriptions, technology stack used, sales processes, career progression models for sales roles, KPIs and goals by role, compensation plans, company culture and values-fit profile. From here, we will build out a company profile for our recruiting and training teams to utilize in order to match qualified candidates.

Phase Two

Basic Training

SalesWorks enrolls all candidates in a rigorous Sales Fundamentals training program that delivers core sales competencies, exercises sales readiness and fit, and engages the sales skill set. This proven program ensures that only the best candidates move through the process, receive a SalesWorks accreditation badge, and enter the sourcing pool.

Phase Three

Initial Interviews

SalesWorks profiles all candidates in the program and leverages a data-backed approach to ensure that all proposed candidates fit the cultural mold for our client company before they are presented to a screening manager for a 15-30 min interview. This is the final step before the hiring committee. Based on the cultural attributes of the candidate, we will match them up with the employers that offer the best fit. Then, we will set up 15-30 min calls with the initial screening manager (usually SDR Manager) to judge basic fit.

Phase Four

The Hiring Committee

Think of this like your organization’s hiring version of Shark Tank. The hiring committee is composed of your hiring stakeholders that would be involved in the hiring process, but we aggregate the steps into this exciting and dynamic environment that does not elongate the process. This committee is chaired by your SalesWorks hiring lead and designed in two parts. The first half is a pre-designed pitch the candidate makes to the hiring committee illustrating their ability to communicate, story tell by leading with value, and extract valuable information from the stakeholders. This pitch construct is designed by SalesWorks and our client in the design phase of the process. The second half of the interview is a Q & A led by the committee to learn more about the candidate and their culture fit within their organization. The client will make an offer to the candidate based on their performance in this interview stage.

Phase Five

Advanced Skills Training

Once an offer has been made to the candidate and it is accepted, the candidate will undergo final skills training on the specific technology stack of the client to ensure they are 100% prepared to hit the ground running.

Phase Six


The new employee starts with the company who takes over candidate onboarding. SalesWorks guarantees a candidate for 60 days, and if the candidate does not last that time period, we will replace the candidate for no additional charge. The cost per candidate is $6,500 which is billed upfront, and the hiring process should take no more than 21 days. This process is specifically designed to ensure that our clients and our candidates have the best possible experience working with SalesWorks to drive the highest probability of success. We do not allow our clients to augment our hiring process to ensure candidate consistency.

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