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Onboarding Sales Training

Traditional sales onboarding tends to purely focus on industry, product, and processes. At SalesWorks, we recognise the importance of soft skill training early on in an SDR’s career.
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SDR Onboarding Workshops

The SDR position is especially challenging since many candidates are hired as entry-level employees, but the SalesWorks SDR Workshop provides a solid foundation from which they can quickly ramp up. Enroll your SDRs into our open enrollment sessions to provide them with the collaborative, live training sessions they need to hit the ground running.

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Bespoke SDR Onboarding Bootcamps

Our training experts create custom solutions for each sales team we work with to incorporate your company’s unique subject matter into our methodology. Our training combines live sessions with an in-depth accreditation process that allows new SDRs to apply learnings in simulated sales environments to ensure practical application of the subject matter. Scorecards assess the SDRs at each phase of the sales process, giving visibility on strengths and development areas and result in a final score for each individual.

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Why Our Clients Love Us.

"Such valuable training!"

Shabri is a great teacher, she goes through the training at a good pace and is very responsive to questions throughout. Our training was divided into 2 3hour sessions and it would a good length of time to really take value from it.

Highly recommend

Team Member in Information Technology and Services

"SalesWorks Optimizes FullFunnel BDR Training/Onboarding Program"

Zay Johnson, Sales Training Lead at SalesWorks, came into FullFunnel to help us revamp/completely overhaul our BDR Training/Onboarding program. She's done an amazing job! She dug right in and hit the ground running on day one and has been working tirelessly ever since to help us build a world-class training program, not just for our BDRs but for our entire Sales Team. She is extremely organized, very driven, and she keeps her eyes on the goals and objectives at all times. She never turns down an opportunity to help out and consistently adds value to our team. We greatly appreciate the tremendous support that the SalesWorks team and Zay, specifically, have contributed to our organization over the past several months. We're looking forward to great things ahead in 2022!

G2 User in Outsourcing/Offshoring

"SalesWorks training for Thought Machine"

Please trust SalesWorks! Thought Machine has a lot of appreciation for the high-value training sessions, and we are in the process of building a longstanding relationship with SalesWorks.

Michal W.
Business Development Manager

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Onboarding | Then & now

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Prioritizing sales-ready leads in your outreach is key to effectively managing your workload. But how can you accurately identify sales-ready leads?

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Why I'm Excited to Work at SalesWorks

Discover how the core values and company culture at SalesWorks foster growth and inform strategies used to deliver best-in-class sales team development.

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