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Ongoing Sales Training & Development

SalesWorks works with companies to design and deliver bespoke sales training programs that address the development areas required for growth.
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Our Services

Managed Training

SalesWorks partners with sales orgs to offer fully-managed sales training for companies that want to invest in the continuous development of their sales team. Our managed training offering leverages both team training and 1:1 coaching and is the sales equivalent of high-intensity interval training.

Team and Career Development Solutions

SalesWorks has worked with hundreds of companies to build robust, scalable career development plans and competency matrices that motivate salespeople and identify top-performers for promotion opportunities.

Why Our Clients Love Us.

"Practical and insightful learnings"

My approach to management, time management and commercial focus as well as focusing on metrics that matter and will optimise performance of my team.

Kat W.
Head of Business Development & Inside Sales

"SDR Training"

The attention to detail Shabri and the team put in to the preparation of the bespoke training courses is fantastic.

It's the first time in a while that we've run a course with an external partner so it gave my team a lot of confidence that SalesWorks had put in the time and effort to really understand the team, their strengths and their areas of improvement.

I've had great feedback from a number of the attendees that the style of delivery and coaching was also fantastic.

Will D.
VP Sales

"Exceptional workshop for young & seasoned leaders"

The workshop was packed with case studies, discussions & fresh ideas. I can't wait to start implementing everything I learnt there since my team is going to more than double in a week.

Shabri is an exceptional coach and we were lucky enough to also get a consultation session with her to bounce some ideas about our outbound project.

I recommend every young leader to go through this workshop but I'm convinced that it will be beneficial for seasoned leaders as well - our world changes so fast that it is crucial to keep all your knowledge and experience up to date.

Vladislav D.
Senior Sales Executive

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