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Webinar | Wednesday 26th May 2021

SDR Managers 7 minute talks #2

Hosted by SalesWorks CEO Shabri Lakhani, learn how to accelerate your sales success from industry leaders including our own Head of Consulting, Blake Kendrick.

Podcast | March 24th 2021

On Air with Owen

Find out what makes a good SDR Manager, what happens when SDRs don’t have a leader, the common mistakes that new SDR Managers make, and why SDR leadership is so important right now in this insightful podcast with Shabri and Owen Davies

Podcast | March 17TH 2021

The Desk Drop Podcast

Find out why storytelling is so powerful and how a winning mindset is key to outbound sales in this insightful podcast with Shabri and Alex Olley, Co-Founder of Reachdesk.

Webinar | February 17th 2021

SDR Manager 7 Minute talks #1

Learn from your fellow SDR managers in this brilliant webinar led by Shabri and James Ski from Sales Confidence.

Webinar | February 16TH, 2021

Secrets of Scale

If you've ever wondered when & why should you move to a sales development model or how to think about prospecting rhythms & cadences, look no further than this webinar. With Pete Crosby, Mark Colgan and Laurie Page.

Webinar | February 9th 2021

Driving Elite Performance Panel

Gain brilliant insights from our expert panel as they share actionable advice on how they have navigated through their role, successfully build and scaled teams and invested in their own personal development.

Podcast | January 10th 2021

3 Reasons Sales Development Reps Fail

Discover the 3 main reasons why sales development teams fail and how to avoid these common mistakes. Spoiler alert: none of them are the reps fault.

Podcast | October 10th 2020

How Underutilized Data Can Increase SDR Success

Learn from Shabri as she discusses how Strategy sets Sales Development Reps up for success

Online event | October 28th 2020

Recruiting, Onboarding and Training

Understand best practices around hiring superstar SDRs, onboarding remotely and effectively and building a successful SDR team, with Elaine Tyler, Venatrix.

Online Event | September 9th 2020

Discovery Questions that create Momentum

Discover the common mistakes sales reps make with discovery and how to structure a successful discovery call with your prospect in this bitesize 7 minute talk.

Podcast | August 18th 2020

Growing and Selling a Company Fast

A brilliant and insightful chat for anyone interested in how Shabri went from door to door sales in the US, to growing her business to the point of it being acquired.