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Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Train Your SDRs

By: Shabri Lakhani

The summer is many people’s favorite time of year, but what many firms don’t realize is that it’s actually the perfect time to train their sales reps. While you might be looking forward to a holiday soaking up some sun, planning some SDR training sessions during the slower season is a shrewd move for many reasons.

Let’s unpack those and talk about how organizations across the globe are planning out and prioritizing their professional development investments. 


More Time To Focus

Summer tends to be a slower time in the world of sales, which makes it a great time to focus on SDR training. Instead of asking your reps to dial without purpose in mid-July and August, take the opportunity to transform otherwise unproductive days into professional development days. This way, when people return to the office, your sales team is armed with the skills they need to hit the ground running in Q3 and Q4. 

Training reps in a lower-stress environment also maximizes the impact of the training. When your reps aren’t constantly checking their emails or running between sales kick-offs or other distractions, they have more bandwidth to actually focus on their training, and absorb as much knowledge as possible. We’ve written previously about the best ways to maximize the impact of sales training, and it’s our belief that training works best when it is conducted in a live, practical environment that encourages all participants to engage with the material in real-time. What better time to ask for everyone’s full attention than the slow summer weeks?


Time For Practical Application

Any worthwhile sales training is going to teach your reps new skills. However, it can be difficult to put these new skills into practice and truly master them without sufficient time to do so. This is incredibly important, because studies have found that after 30 days, reps forget over 80% of what they had learned in sales training. It’s inevitable that not every grain of information you train your sales reps on will stick, but since summer tends to be a less busy season, there’s more time for practice, which has been shown to dramatically improve knowledge retention

The more at-bats your reps get practicing what they’ve learned in training, the more likely they are to retain that information. In the summer months, there’s more time for everyone to partake in coaching, role plays, and other hands-on activities to actualize techniques and tips learned in training. This vastly increases the effectiveness of training sessions, as much less knowledge is retained when there’s less time and mental bandwidth to not only process the information, but to practice it on a continuous basis.


Ending The Year On A High Note

It takes about three months to see the results of SDR training, and training your reps in the summer ensures that they end the year on a high note. If you train your reps in June or July, that means they will have implemented the learning from their training by September, which gives you a solid three months of improved performance to reach your EOY financial targets. 

Instead, many organizations panic at the end of the year when goals are not being met, and decide to invest in training at the beginning of the last quarter, in a last-ditch effort to improve performance. Not only is this the busiest time of the year, but it’s also a high-stress environment that will likely result in poor information absorption.


Planning Is Key

Many organizations choose not to train in the summer because they argue too many people will be out of office. That’s a valid point, and brings up the importance of planning ahead of time. Your team is scheduling their out of office months in advance, so you, too, should be planning your training sessions with that foresight. Start talking to sales trainers a few months in advance and planning out the curriculum for the summer. If you let your team know which days are reserved for professional development, they can plan accordingly and you can achieve a full house.




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