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Why I’m Excited To Work At SalesWorks

By Cara Pepper

Growth is something that has always been very important to me, in both my professional and personal life. Maybe it’s because I never grew past 4 feet 11 inches tall! But to me, growth is about much more than physical change: it’s about learning and improving ourselves for a better future. To quote author Gail Sheehy, “if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

Here at SalesWorks, our core values emphasize the importance of growth, on both the company and the individual level. These principles guide us in our work and our relationships everyday. 


  1. “Never stop learning.” We truly believe that training should be an ongoing process: there is always more to learn and more improvements to make. We are committed to constantly expanding our knowledge base. In practice, we “never stop learning” from our mistakes, from our research, or from each other. 

  2. “Solve for the customer.” What does this have to do with growth? Everything. At SalesWorks, nothing we do is “off the shelf,” it is all couture - as the fashion industry tells us, even the made-to-measure pieces have to be adjusted for each model. In order to grow, we need to constantly push ourselves to think differently, and tailor our solutions to fit every client’s needs. 

  3. “Innovation.” This value is all about learning from mistakes and trying new things. True innovation, by design, requires vulnerability, an embrace of change, and the ability to admit failure. It is a long process that requires commitment and collaboration in order to achieve true progress. 

  4. “Trust.” Our team’s core building block. Without trust, nothing would be possible. At SalesWorks, we trust one another to advance our vision, to contribute value, and to expand each others’ knowledge and skills to foster synergy across the team. We trust that we can fail; but with the support of the team, we “fail forward” and learn. With this foundation of trust, team members are empowered to challenge current processes and explore new ideas. Most importantly, our clients can trust that we are working to provide the best resources and solutions to help them reach their goals.


The strongest seed cannot grow without the right environment


None of the above would be possible without the right culture. Culture is often thrown around as a buzzword or used to describe the social life at a company. Culture, in its truest form, is much more than Friday drinks after work, or group social outings. Of course these are great to have, but it is the core beliefs, values, ideas, knowledge, and behaviours that cultivate the culture of a team. Culture can not be dictated: it has to be lived. 

The chance to begin my career at SalesWorks came at an opportune moment. However, as with all important life decisions, it was not a choice made lightly. But the reason I knew it was the best place for me was apparent from my very first coffee chat: SalesWorks is a place that actively fosters growth. 

Throughout the application process, I could see this ingrained in the company’s culture. It became even more clear during my first week: not only did I have books arrive at my door, but my schedule had time built in to read them. I was told the mission is to become a sales expert, and it was clear that this would not be (nor should it be) a static position. The unlimited growth avenues were outlined from the start. And most importantly, my opinion was requested and valued from day 1 because SalesWorks is constantly looking for ways to improve.


Stop chasing “the dream job.” Start chasing “the dream mentor(s)”


To quote my father, “nothing is ever as good or as bad as it first appears.” This includes a “dream job.” 

I take objection to the term “dream job.” It implies a finite goal, that once you have arrived, there is nowhere to go. A mentor, however, has so much to offer - SalesWorks has many. Finding one that will challenge, support, coach, inspire, provide feedback, and impart knowledge to you has infinite possibilities when it comes to your growth and development. The best mentors are the ones who have a true passion for fostering personal growth and development. These mentors are personally committed to supporting your growth, no matter what it means for the company as a whole.


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein


There is an art to training, coaching, or teaching. Training becomes powerful when it inspires passion, sparks knowledge sharing, and lays the foundation for future development. This is why training cannot be a one-time, one-sided event in which students are lectured to with no engagement. SalesWorks is challenging the legacy way of training. Particularly in sales, reps are often thrown into the deep-end with little training and expected to be productive from the get-go. 

There are endless comparisons you may have heard when it comes to sales. Sales is a science: it can be and should be taught. As with all sciences, it is ever-changing. It must be continually studied in order to become truly proficient. Sales is also an art, with endless nuances. As an art, practice and improvisation improve performance and inspire new ideas. The dynamics of a sales team are also comparable with that of a sports team - the top teams don’t stop training the top players, and neither should we. The comparisons go on and on, as do the lessons we can learn from them. Right now, we are seeing a dramatic shift in the way we sell, and it’s essential that this change is reflected in the way we train and coach sales professionals. SalesWorks is leading this journey, and I’m excited to see where it takes us.


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