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Why direct mail is back!

We used to call it junk mail, but when used correctly, it can be a valuable part of your marketing plan. Let’s find out more about the re-emergence of direct mail.

When the average consumer receives more than 2900 marketing messages every day, choosing the right channel for your message can seem like a minefield. How can you stand out from that vast crowd?

Direct mail, that stuff we used to get through the door and put straight in the bin, has had a bit of makeover recently. When you use it alongside your digital channels, you’ll notice the difference in the effectiveness of your branding. It’s time to stop thinking inbox and start thinking mailbox.

Let’s find out more about direct mail and share some tips for success.

The new wave of direct mail

The reason why direct mail is back in vogue is that tech has changed the way we use it. 

Thanks to platforms like Reachdesk, you can integrate your CRM, marketing automation software and sales engagement platform into your direct mail operation. This makes it one of the easiest to target and trackable forms of marketing available. You can set up a gifting campaign with pinpoint accuracy; scalable and trackable. 

It’s also really cost-effective now. You don’t have to design an eye-catching letter and pay the Royal Mail to deliver it anymore. You can send a Just Eat voucher or pay for someone’s Uber back to the office after a meeting. You could even mail a handwritten note. It’s that personal touch that everyone remembers.

Direct mail has always brought benefits

As well as being able to take advantage of these technical innovations, you still get the benefits that direct mail has always offered.

  • Direct mail has always achieved better responses than other advertising channels such as TV or press
  • It’s always been easy to track your direct mail’s effectiveness, with unique response mechanisms or codes
  • People like something tangible. It’s a break from the digital onslaught we’re living through today
  • You can get really creative with direct mail and truly grab your recipient’s attention
  • Plus, virtually no one else is doing it. You can make it yours!

Now you know why using direct mail as a marketing channel is such a great idea, how do you do it effectively? Here are three tips.

1 – Get personal

When you know exactly who you are targeting with your direct mail, you can send them something that genuinely resonates. The ideal approach is to use direct mail on an individual level. 

Look out for people’s personal and work news. Job moves, company growth, new hires and moving office are all great reasons to send a note. However, what will really get them to remember you is a gift on their birthday, or if they’ve just got engaged or had a baby.

2 – Timing is everything

You have to move fast when it comes to this sort of direct mail. A note of congratulations two weeks after someone has been promoted won’t have the same impact! Luckily, the direct mail tech platforms can help you get your gift out quickly.

Remember to follow up your note or gift with a call. Do it quickly while everything is still fresh in their mind.

3 – Call to action

Make sure that with every piece of direct mail you send, there is a clear call to action. What do you want them to do next? How do you want them to respond? Do you want to drive a customer to your website, or do you want to have a conversation?

Have a goal in mind and make sure your direct mail execution achieves it.

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Now you know all about how the new wave of direct mail can add a human touch to your marketing, what are you waiting for?