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Sales Tactics That Won't Work in 2022

By: Shabri Lakhani

The buyer’s journey and the landscape of sales continue to change rapidly year over year, forcing sales teams to constantly transform and re-invent. Sales leaders need to rethink the strategies of decades past and rely on innovative, tech-powered sales tactics to stand out among their competitors in 2022.

Let’s explore four sales tactics that you should leave behind in 2021.


Forcing Every Prospect Through the Same Non-Personalized Sales Cadence

The days of “spray and pray” prospecting, sending bulk messages out to a massive list of prospects and hoping that it resonates, are long gone. Today, top sales organizations dynamically alter their sales messaging to align with the prospect’s persona, pain points, and objectives. Research shows potential customers are more likely to speak with reps that “understand them, communicate effectively, provide perspective and insights, and follow-through after they close the sale.” 

That doesn’t mean that the days of automated sequences are gone. It does, however, mean that you should use automation with purpose instead of relying on it to hit volume requirements. Segment audiences by persona and build targeted sequences. Build templates and edit key components based on insights from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile.


Ignoring The Phones

There has been a shift away from cold calling in recent years, and with good reason. For today’s empowered buyer, cold calling is nowhere near as effective as personalized, consultative selling. But many sales teams took this movement too far, and have started to move away from teleprospecting altogether. This is a mistake and a pattern that should not continue into 2022.

Calling prospects is still one of the key components of a successful, scalable sales strategy: 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople after a series of communication that began with a cold call. But instead of traditional cold calls, try warm calling your prospects. Do your research ahead of time, call inbound leads, and provide relevant, prospect-specific value to the lead before engaging.


Relying On Existing Relationships

Many sales teams are stuck in the mindset of the pre-internet world, where personal relationships and referrals often played the most important role in the decision-making process. But today, internet research is rapidly replacing human interaction as the primary component of the decision-making process. Relying on your Rolodex is not going to cut it.

Instead, foster relationships with your existing clients and use the internet to tap into audiences that will benefit from your products and services

You should still invest time into your relationships as one of your sales channels because your network is a valuable tool in your arsenal. But don’t let your network limit you. Use tools such as LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to find prospects online that look just like your most successful prospects and clients to build a highly targeted outbound list.


Overselling Your Product or Service

The vast information accessible to every individual on the internet today means that sales reps can no longer get away with overselling their product. The power dynamic between the buyer and the seller has flipped, and buyers now hold all the cards.

Rather than trying to force a deal that isn’t a good fit, focus on adding genuine value at every stage. Instead of just "checking in" and pestering prospects to respond to your messages, send useful articles, blogs, and research to spark an organic conversation. Bring up other clients' experiences and discuss relevant trends you're seeing in the market to offer helpful advice. Become a consultant instead of a salesperson.




The sales landscape looks different today than it did even last year, or the year before that. Our increasingly virtual world is changing at an exponential rate, and sales teams need to keep up or risk falling through the cracks. Phase out these outdated sales tactics today so you can invest in a scalable, tech-enabled sales program that meets the needs of today’s buyers. Request a consultation today to learn how the SalesWorks team can help.


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