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My 5 business and personal highlights from 2019

Wow. What a year it’s been for SalesWorks, as well as for me personally. Here are five of my highlights? What are your highlights of 2019?

As we reach the end of the year, it’s time to look back at 2019 and forward to 2020. It’s been a brilliant year, busy and full of challenges to overcome, but terrific nonetheless. Here are five highlights, from a business and a personal point of view, from a great year.

1 – Launching the SalesWorks academy

Training and enablement for salespeople are essential, but it’s also an area where companies underinvest. They tend to throw training at salespeople at the start of their time there, but then, they’re on their own. SalesWorks launched a 3-level programme to try and redress this balance:

  • 1 – Fundamentals of SDR
  • 2 – Advanced SDR: sharpening your skills
  • Emails sent – 12%
  • 3a – SDR leadership
  • 3b – Fundamentals of AE – to prepare them for the next role

There are vast amounts of value in all these courses, but if I had to choose one highlight, it would be the SDR leadership course. It’s an area close to my heart as there is not enough dedicated enablement currently. SDR leaders need to ensure they don’t neglect their development. They also need to work on building themselves to be the best managers possible.

2 – Speaking at conferences

This year I’ve been privileged to speak at five different events. I’ve spoken in the US and UK, at private equity sales and marketing forums, sales leader events, SDR events and more. I’ve given keynotes and taken part in panel discussions.

It’s been great to give my take on subjects such as sales development and the traits of a good leader, providing insights into valuable areas for sales leaders in the audience. I look forward to doing more speaking events next year.

3 – Building great partnerships

SaaS sales is quite unique in that it’s more like an ecosystem than an industry. The most successful companies build partnerships with each other, to try and offer solutions to customers that are more than the sum of their parts. It’s been a thrill this year to partner up with some pioneering software companies such as SalesLoft and Refract to offer something different up to the market.

It’s also been great to get more involved with the SaaS sales community this year. SalesWorks became a headline sponsor with Sales Confidence, the industry’s number one community for salespeople. James Ski is building something amazing at Sales Confidence, with essential content and events you can’t miss. It’s great to be involved and I can’t wait to see what’s up their sleeve for 2020.

I also joined the London Revenue Collective, an exclusive global community for revenue and commercial leaders. Joining the Collective has allowed me to expand my network. It’s so valuable to be able to connect with sales leaders and discuss challenges, growth areas and also everything SDR-related too.

4 – Growing SalesWorks


Another highlight of 2020 has been growing SalesWorks. The team has grown, which is a challenge and an opportunity, of course.

We’ve also been able to extend what we can offer to our customers. This year, we added built-out managed services to our offering, including:

  • Call coaching
  • Strategy
  • Performance and potential
  • Integrated management

If this resonates with you, get in touch with SalesWorks today.

You may have also noticed my weekly articles, just like this one. As well as being fun to write, they are really moving the needle on my profile in the industry. If you’re not producing content regularly, start with a vengeance in 2020.

5 – Personal recognition

While SalesWorks’ success is undoubtedly a team effort, it’s exciting to be recognised by your peers in the industry.

Just this month, I won Pareto Law’s Grad to Great Award. In 2011, Pareto hired me into my first sales role at Finastra. It was a pleasure to be invited back eight years later to pick up my award for top alumni, after setting up SalesWorks.

How about you?

Those were my top 5 highlights from 2019. Now, it’s onwards and upwards into 2020!

Leave a comment to let me know your highlights from 2020. What went well for you this year?

Let me also take this opportunity to wish you a happy and relaxing Christmas break, plus a very happy New Year!