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How to be a Purple Cow

SDRs can stand out from the crowd by creating unique, memorable experiences for their customers. The only question is: how will you do it?

Last week I had the pleasure of being one of the panellists on the SDRs Of London call. We had an unbelievable 170 SDRs sharing stories, insights and questions. The energy and input were amazing. It was great to see so many people keeping their spirits high and their curiosity functioning even through these difficult times. 

A stand-out moment

One of the highlights for me, which was so relevant to this current situation, was a story shared by Charlotte Neal from Reward Gateway. 

Charlotte talked about what you can do to build trust and credibility. What she was saying reminded me of a book I read a while ago, Purple Cow by Seth Godin.

What’s a purple cow?

The main argument of the book is that if you saw a purple cow, you’d remember it, right?

That’s because you have never seen one before. Plus, it’s pretty remarkable. After you’d seen the purple cow, a simple black and white cow isn’t really going to cut it for you.

Translate this principle to business and you soon see that the traditional ways of marketing and selling just aren’t enough anymore. To achieve success, you have to separate yourself from the herd. It’s tough, but it can be done. Every business has the ability to do great things and stand apart.

How does it work for SDRs?

As an SDR, you might think you’re too low down on the ladder, or too early in the sales process to be a purple cow. Wrong. We are all able to do great things and be remarkable.

During this time, when we are all working from home, we are struggling to be heard over all the noise.

What are you going to do to set yourself apart?

Ask yourself what stands out about you and what you do. What do you find remarkable? What is remarkable about you?

Create something memorable

Your purple cow is unique. Only you can decide what it is going to be. However, it’s fair to say that the most effective way to be remarkable in sales is to create a memorable customer experience. 

At the last Sales Confidence event for SDRs, Tom Boston from SalesLoft talked about how he records a video message for every prospect he comes into contact with, thoroughly researched so it’s super-personal. It helps the prospect puts a face to a name, while they’re always impressed by the personal touch. This is a great example of a purple cow.

What about your prospects and customers? What do they want? How can you give it to them? For example:

  • Make sure you always communicate with them on the medium that they prefer
  • Talk to their pain points – make it about them, not you
  • Guide them through the sales and onboarding process – make it easy for them

When you know your customers, working out how to stand out suddenly becomes a lot easier.

Everyone has the ability to be a purple cow. You just have to find it within yourself.