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Three Key Benefits Of In-Person Sales Training

By: Cara Pepper

Recently, SalesWorks held a number of in-person workshops, and it was a tremendous experience to get to physically meet some of the great teams we have been working with remotely for months. Since it had been a while since we conducted an in-person training session, there were a few key factors that stood out to the entire team and made the day incredibly productive. In this blog, we dive into three of the most important benefits of in-person sales training.


When it comes to creating an energetic training session, it doesn’t get better than an in-person event. When you can physically speak to and interact with your peers, it is so much different than doing so over zoom, and it is extremely refreshing for those of us who have missed many such events over the last few years.

When you’re in person, it's also much easier to read the room and pivot accordingly. If a certain training tactic isn’t landing, it's far easier to tell in person, as you can feel the dip in energy, enthusiasm, and participation. This can be done in a virtual environment, but it's certainly easier to sense tiredness or a drop in energy in person. Breaks can be called for in a much easier manner, as there always seems to be a clear point for a break when energy has dipped, and it is much harder to get a read on this on Zoom.


This is perhaps the most critical benefit of in-person sales training. Being in the same physical space allows for a greater level of empathy from the trainer and delegates. An in-person environment makes it much easier to challenge ideas and create a safe space for focusing on pain points, allowing for a truly productive conversation to take place.

I think everyone’s been in a position where they are hesitant to challenge someone in a virtual environment for fear of coming off as confrontational. It’s far easier to have a productive conversation where conflicting ideas are exchanged in person because it provides a more comprehensive means of communication, including non-verbal cues that can make it clear that if someone disagrees with your point of view, they don’t dislike you, or aren’t trying to be rude. 

This is something that can occur in a fully virtual environment from time to time, but being n-person removes all barriers to communication, and allows for a more valuable conversation and deliberation.


It’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone, but the level and quality of engagement at an in-person training event is superior to that of a totally online session. A lot of this has to do with the obvious added benefits of being physically present. Something like a breakout activity can be done much more easily, and there can be constant rotation among team members, ensuring everyone is meeting new people and ideas are bouncing around the entire room. Being physically present allows for spontaneity, and spontaneity makes training more fun and knowledge retention far easier. 

When physically present for sales training, reps also remain far more engaged in discussions, as it's the only thing they are focusing on at that particular moment. Everyone who’s spent any meaningful amount of time on Zoom has realized there are distractions everywhere around them that are an unavoidable product of being at home. In-person sales training sessions eliminate all of this external noise, and give reps some time to focus on their craft and nothing else. This drastically increases the quality of learning and leads to extremely meaningful conversations that help you get the most out of your training




If your firm is looking to take its sales training to the next level, we can help. SalesWorks has years of experience helping firms like yours get the most out of their sales training and team development efforts. Request a consultation today to learn how we can help provide your reps with everything they need to be successful.


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