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Let’s hear it for BDRs!

It’s #BDRappreciationweek, so let’s show some love to those at the start of the sales funnel who keep those pipelines full.

If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn this week, you’ve probably noticed that it’s #BDRappreciationweek . All over the platform, salespeople are calling out the great SDRs that they work with, so we can all give them some likes and shares.


It’s great to see BDR, SDRs and all those other brave souls getting some recognition from the wider industry. They’re usually the newest people to the team, doing one of the toughest jobs, with none of the glory that comes with closing deals – so let’s show them some love!

Of course, at SalesWorks, every week is #BDRappreciationweek ! A massive chunk of what we do at SalesWorks is to help BDRs perform better. We run workshops, training courses and create content, all to make BDRs more effective.


In this article, we’re going to throwback to some of our best BDR-related content. 

What makes a brilliant BDR?

Here are six traits I see in all the best BDRs that I meet:

  • Passion – A great SDR understands the sales process and their place in it. But more than that, they are passionate about it. It’s this passion that drives them to look for ways to improve the process.
  • Eagerness to learn – Raw talent only gets you so far. Top-performing BDRs seek out advice from people who can enhance their skills. They’re coachable and curious.
  • Accountability – The best SDRs hold themselves to high personal and professional standards. Honesty and integrity is everything. They do what they say they’ll do.
  • Discipline – BDRs cannot be lone wolves. They have the inner discipline to stick to the system. 
  • Resilience – Being an SDR is tough. You face rejection dozens of times every day. A good SDR knows dealing with rejection is what sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Communication – High performing SDRs are good talkers but better listeners. They also influence their team when necessary.

High-performing BDR teams

Teams are more than a collection of individuals. The best SDR teams have eight things in common:

  • Talented people – The best teams have the best people in them.
  • Consistency – The SDR team is part of a larger sales machine. SDRs understand their role in the process and help it run smoothly.
  • Focus – The best teams concentrate on the metrics that matter. Everyone knows what they’re aiming for.
  • Coaching – High-performance teams strive to improve. Team leaders take the time to manage, mentor and coach their staff.
  • Team goals – The best teams work together to achieve common goals. If there’s competition between BDRs, it’s healthy. Most of the time, it’s co-operative.
  • Fun – BDRs support their team members when the going gets tough. Then, when they win, they celebrate together.
  • Goal-aligned comp plan – Compensation drives the team in the direction of the leader’s vision.
  • Tech – Leaders look at how tech can make the team run better, such as call recording software that helps leaders find coaching opportunities. 

Motivating BDRs

It can’t just be money. What keeps BDRs smiling and dialling, even when no one is picking up?


When I started as an SDR, retention typically centred around financial incentives. To keep us with the company, there would be increases in base salary or OTE every year. Most of the time, it worked.


However, today’s generation of SDRs are different. The things that drive them are different. Money isn’t as big a motivator as it used to be. So, if they don’t respond to pay raises, what do they respond to?

  • Progression – If you want your A-players to perform and stay with your company, empower them with opportunities to grow their careers
  • Development – Today’s SDRs want opportunities to learn. Create a transformative learning culture in your organisation.
  • Incentives – Money’s great, but the most successful incentive I ever saw in a company was lunch with the CSO! Young SDRs want visibility, recognition and opportunity before money.

Find out more from SalesWorks

If you’re an SDR, we appreciate the job you do and all the efforts you go to in order to improve.

If you’re not, why not give some credit to your BDRs on LinkedIn this week? Use the hashtag #BDRappreciationweek and show the world what they mean to you.

Happy #BDRappreciationweek everyone!


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