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We Know How to Make Sales Work.

SalesWorks works as an extension of your team to design, build, and optimize your sales program, from recruiting and training through to technology and infrastructure and team enablement.

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Why SalesWorks?

Build a Superstar Team

Drive Tech Stack ROI

Measure What Matters

Sales has undergone a radical shift in the past five years, requiring an overhaul in the way organizations approach recruiting, training, enabling their teams, and measuring success. Departments that were once siloed must work in unison. Everything must be tracked, traced, and recorded to build a repeatable, sustainable process. At SalesWorks, our revenue operations experts work as an extension of our client teams, building holistic and comprehensive sales programs from the ground up and the middle out.

Building, Optimizing, and Enabling Sales Teams is All We Do.

SalesWorks provides integrated, white-labeled sales training, recruiting, and development services that span the entire commercial function and entirety of the team development lifecycle. 

Sales infrastructure implementation, optimization, reporting, and support services across CRMs, sales acceleration tools, marketing platforms, and more.

SalesWorks provide the strategy, data, research, and playbooks needed to enable sales teams to achieve maximum performance.

Our Partners

Why Our Clients Love Us

"SalesWorks gave me the formalized sales training to feel confident in my role as an SDR."

SalesWorks was incredibly beneficial in implementing formalized training for the SDR team at our company, Unmind. The goal was to incorporate new strategies and techniques from the training sessions into our day-to-day tasks as sales development reps to increase prospect engagement and the ability to connect with potential clients. Cara Pepper was our trainer and she was absolutely amazing. She was patient with our team and gave insightful feedback for each task and module.

Carley W.
Director of Writing

"Head of Customer Success"

SalesWorks helped our sales team and customer success team improve our foundational techniques to increase customer satisfaction and expand sales and renewals.

I love the custom and personalized approach. SalesWorks uses real issues with my current clients so that everything I am learning becomes immediately implementable.

Eleanor P.
Head of Customer Success

"SalesWorks training for Thought Machine"

Please trust SalesWorks! Thought Machine has a lot of appreciation for the high-value training sessions, and we are in the process of building a longstanding relationship with SalesWorks.

Michal W.
Business Development Manager

"Great for sales newbies, great refresher for the rest"

The course was very interactive. Throughout the training, we had access to two teachers that we could go to for help any time we needed. It wasn't just a lecture style; there were small group activities, role-play scenarios, and real applications to all the learning we did.

This is a great training program. If you're trying to set a standardized training process for new hires, I recommend SalesWorks. Even experienced employees will benefit from the practice.

Savannah R.
Account Executive

"SDR Training"

The attention to detail Shabri and the team put in to the preparation of the bespoke training courses is fantastic.

It's the first time in a while that we've run a course with an external partner so it gave my team a lot of confidence that SalesWorks had put in the time and effort to really understand the team, their strengths and their areas of improvement.

I've had great feedback from a number of the attendees that the style of delivery and coaching was also fantastic.

Will D.
VP Sales

"Exceptional workshop for young & seasoned leaders"

The workshop was packed with case studies, discussions & fresh ideas. I can't wait to start implementing everything I learnt there since my team is going to more than double in a week.

Shabri is an exceptional coach and we were lucky enough to also get a consultation session with her to bounce some ideas about our outbound project.

I recommend every young leader to go through this workshop but I'm convinced that it will be beneficial for seasoned leaders as well - our world changes so fast that it is crucial to keep all your knowledge and experience up to date.

Vladislav D.
Senior Sales Executive

"SalesWorks Social Selling"

Saleworks is truly a game-changer in the sales training world. They use a collaborative approach that allows you to apply what you've learned in real-world situations. They ensure that everyone involved feels included and works at a pace conducive to the group. If you're considering an investment in sales training, SalesWorks should be at the very top of your list.

Manager/Operations in Management Consulting

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